How Sporty Women can have Hourglass Body Shape?

shapewear at Bfree Intimate ApparelBooty bras, butt lifters, and removal padding are some of the most desirable items to pick up your butts and give them a rounder, fuller and edgy appearance. If you are feeling that your butts are drooling down then as per your preferences, you can choose any of these butt shapewear, and you are good to go.

Magic of Booty bras and Booty Lifters

Booty bras superbly boast natural butt shape while keeping hips, thighs and tummy compressed and your butts appear enlarged and round. These are comfortable and beautifully define your rear body shape. For an instant lift of your butt, butt lifter is the perfect option to go for. It is sexy yet comfortable.
In addition to these, butt enhancing panties, rear lift shorts, padded booty shapers and padded panties are also available in the market in beautiful designs and comfortable, stretchable fabric. I have found a great range of lingerie and shapewear at Bfree Intimate Apparel according to my body shape. You can also try and choose what matches best to your comfort level and body type.
Then there are jeans and leggings available in the market with sewn pads or butt enhancers. This little extra padding perfectly enhances your rear. Butt shapers will immediately boost up your butt shape, and you can select any of these butt-shapers depending upon your dress and personal preferences.

Tips and Tricks that can Help You Enhance Your Butt Shape Naturally

Sure, being in shape and having a curvy body with fuller butts is every girl’s desire these days. But instead of going through the mess of butt augmentation or artificial implants, why not try something natural, beneficial and easy to do. Following are some of the easiest and straightforward tips and tricks that’ll help you to develop an attractive, gorgeous and sexy posture. I would also recommend you to use proper guide before buying any shapewear.
1. Work with your body. Understand its shape, and change your clothing style. A rightly picked, well-fitted pants can enhance your shape and beautify your buttocks. High waist jeans are the best to show the slimmer portion of your waist. If you go with low-rise jeans that rest on the widest portion of your hips, it will give an illusion of fuller rear.
2. It may sound fruitless, but it’s surely worth a try. Wearing high heels gives a naturally beautiful posture and curve to your spine. Your legs will look more in shape, with toned butts that will surely appear an inch higher.
3. Walk like a runway model. Change in your usual walking style will give your body a different appearance and perfect posture. Move shoulders back, form an arch with your back while imagining walking on a streamline.
4. Before you join a gym, take your good time to choose one.
5. Do some intense cardio exercises. Regular exercise is an answer to many problems. Focus on your butt muscles. Strengthening your glutes will give a rounder and fuller shape to your butts. Some of the beneficial exercises for the strengthening of your butt muscles are squats, lunges, butt bridges and kickbacks.
6. Work on your core muscles too. As thinning your lower belly muscles will enhance your butts. Exercises like leg lifts, twist crunches and bird dog are the best for tightening the core muscles.
7. Eat healthy food, and try to maintain your weight. Depending upon your body type, gaining weight can help you to look curvier. If you are putting on weight on arms or stomach, then it’s not good, but if it’s enhancing your butt, then a little gain of weight must be welcomed.
8. And last but not the least a perfect butt shapewear is the easiest solution to opt.

The Expected Danger Behind the Fat Injections, Butt Lifts and Butt Augmentations

To look more sexually appealing and desirable, the trend of buttock injections or implantation for bigger and fuller bottoms have gained immense popularity. Buttock augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery in recent years. According to the reports published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 14 millions plastic surgeries were performed in the year 2012, and the number has risen steadily since then.

Silicon injections can be harmful to the body. The patient may develop a lumped scar on the body, which can eventually become hard and painful.
Application of these injections from uncertified doctors may give rise to lethal complications. In one filed case against a doctor, a girl’s butt was injected with the toxic mixture of mineral oil, cement and sealant. The patient has to go through intense abdominal pain and harsh and painful soreness on the buttocks.
Due to serious complications of silicon injections, many deaths have been reported in New York, Nevada, Atlanta and Mississippi.