DJ Equipment Market Analysis


The global market for DJ equipment suffered significantly in the aftermath of the economic meltdown and is presently on a steady upward curve as the economies are being nursed back to good health. The consumer base for the music composing industry comprises mostly of youngsters looking for recording gears, keyboards and digital mixer for studio. The potential for a deeper market penetration among the population in the 30+ age group continue to be limited, and particularly so, in developed nations with a high percentage of the population from the baby boomer era.

Baby boomers

Present growth in the market for DJ equipment comes mostly from the demand for CD players as a replacement for traditional turntables. The music composition segment of the DJ industry also contributes to the increasing demand for equipment to supplement or complement other systems of automation for a wealth of experience of sound. The retail price of DJ equipment moving up consistently is another limiting factor in the growth of this industry.

Market classification

A broad categorization of the market for DJ equipment are given below

  • Home DJ equipment
  • Hip-hop DJ
  • Trance DJ

While the hip-hop category of DJ equipment and conventional turntables cannot be interfaced, the other two equipment types can be interfaced. In 2014, Trance DJ equipment enjoyed the highest market share while the hip-hop group witnessed a steady growth.

Growing demand for DJ equipment

Access to online retailers and DJ itself growing in popularity with Disco clubs adopting it as featured music in many developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region is currently aiding the demand push for DJ equipment.

Low consumer awareness

Consumer awareness of Music and DJ equipment is little and professional musicians tending to speculate the technical capability of various DJ equipment are also factors that hinder the growth of the market for DJ equipment.

Market classification by components

Based on its parts, the global market for DJ equipment can broadly be classified as CD Players, DJ Mixers, Digital DJ controllers, turntables, special effects lighting, and others. Within these, CD players have seen the fastest growth with turntables getting replaced. But the largest segment for DJ equipment is the DJ mixers, and it is likely to maintain the dominant position for a long time to come.

Market segmentation

The largest market for DJ equipment had been Europe with North America coming second. But, regarding future growth, Asia Pacific could be growing faster compared to other market segments. Market penetration has been influenced by the increase in urbanisation and influence of other cultures, particularly the western culture in developing nations like China and India. Further, the young population in these countries provides significant impetus to the growth of DJ equipment market.

Market leaders

Pioneer Electronics Inc. with a broad portfolio of products remained the market leader in 2014. Summitlite International, Spark Laser Technology, Shenzhen Toploud, Allen & Health, Novational Digital, Reloop and Shenzhen x Photoelectric are some of the other major competitors in the global arena for DJ equipment.

Oaks Barrels: The Secrets to Preserve Wine Flavours


Wine has been around for a long time numbering in the thousands of years BC and is arguably the oldest alcoholic beverage to date. It has withstood the test of time, and there seem to be more and more creative ways to use it.


Did you know that 8000-year-old wine jars have been discovered in Eurasia?

From being used in religious rituals to accompanying your meals, it has turned out as a necessity for especially those with a taste for the finer things in life. Wine is perfect for celebrating any occasion. Why should you buy so many bottles of wine for your party when you can go for a wine barrel hire supplier ?

There are different varieties of wine, based on the grapes and processes used to make it. While it is not the only factor that influences the taste, oaks barrels or wine barrels are essential for the fermentation of wine, especially for red wine.

What are wine barrels?

According to Wikipedia, a barrel is a hollow cylindrical container traditionally made of wooden staves bound by metal or wooden hoops. Modern barrels are made from aluminium, stainless steel or even plastic. In wine production, barrels are for fermenting, maturing and ageing of the wine which help shape the wine’s flavour and aroma.

wine barrels

Types of wine barrels

The oak wood used in the making of barrels comes in three main varieties: the French common oak and white oak, and the American white oak.

The different types of barrels are according to their sizes. In France, these happen to coincide with the kind of wine produced in them and the production region.

1. Bordeaux

There are many types of Bordeaux barrels, but on average the size of a Bordeaux barrel is 945 mm length with a 555 mm diameter around the head. Additionally, the diameter around the bilge is 690 mm.

  • More specifically the Bordeaux Chateau Tradition has a capacity of 225 litres. They have a stave thickness of about 21 mm, a height of 94 cm, and a bilge of 70 cm diameter. The galvanised steel hoops are either 8 or 6 with chestnut hoops being 4. The head of a Bordeaux Chateau Tradition also features some pine bars.


  • The Bordeaux Export has the same capacity of 225 litres. The stave thickness is different from the Chateau tradition at 27 mm. The height is similar at 94 cm, and finally, the bilge diameter is 70 cm. The number of galvanised steel hoops on the Bordeaux Export is 6.
  • Next, comes the Bordeaux chateau Ferre which has a capacity of 225 litres and a height of 94 cm. The stave thickness is 21 mm, and it has eight galvanised steel hoops with a bilge diameter of 70 cm.
  • The Bordeaux Chateau Facon Transport is the last type of Bordeaux type barrel on this list. Despite the long name it still manages to have the same capacity as any of its predecessors at 225 litres. With eight galvanised steel hoops holding it together, the diameter is at 69 cm while its height is 94 cm. The stave thickness is at 21 mm.

2. Burgundy

Different from the Bordeaux in volume, the burgundy is just a one off type barrel with no differing varieties. The traditional burgundy type barrels hold up to 228 litres of wine. The hoops on a burgundy barrel include six galvanised style hoops as well as eight chestnut hoops. In addition to the hooping, they have a head diameter of about 59 cm and a bilge diameter of 71 cm. The stave thickness on a burgundy style barrel is either 27 mm or 30 mm.

It goes without saying that the type of barrel used has a profound impact on the flavour of the final wine produced and this may be due to the following factors:


Toastiness is the effect of heating the wooden staves over an open fire to make them pliable. There are three varieties of toasting which include light toasting, medium toasting, and Heavy or charred toasting. Less toasting allows more oak flavour and tannins imparted on the wine.

Heavy toasting is a characteristic of Burgundy wine which can lead to an added dimension to the wine. Coconut lactones are significantly reduced in heavy toasted barrels but may result in a reduction of colour in some wines by a high carbon content. This may result in a roasted aroma in the wine. Toasting also enhances smoky and spicy taste in some wines.


The smaller surface area to volume ratio results in the barrel having less of an impact on the wine than a larger surface area to volume ratio in a smaller barrel.

Age of barrel

A new barrel will impart more vanilla, butter or spice flavours to wine than a previously used barrel. After using a barrel for a long time, there may be no oak flavours left to impart on the wine. Hence, wine making requires new barrels often. Oxygen is also needed for the maturing of the wine and transport of the much-needed gas into the wine through the oak becomes more difficult after a couple of years.

Stages in winemaking process

Wine is put into the barrel at the fermentation stage, or at the ageing or maturation stage and a wine aged in a barrel has a richer flavour than wine fermented in a barrel as it has taken the time to soak in all the different flavours of the oak.


Besides the Bordeaux and the Burgundy barrels, some other barrel types are not from oak. It is quite unclear the effect this has on wine. The above have been tried and tested over time to produce the perfect wine. While you enjoy a glass of wine with a spicy taste and an abundant aroma, it’s good to know the effect of the barrel it was made in so as to enjoy it all.

In Wine

Looking for that special family party venue?



There is a new trend in the world, to hold your special event to a party at a theme park or entertainment or a tourist park, we all know the ones, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in there will be a theme park within a couple of hours drive or even a couple of hours flying time. That might seem a pretty outrageous suggestion for a party, but these days with cheap airfares, cheap bus hire and package deals for all the venues it is no wonder that the places that have dominated the market for the last twenty years are now finding it hard to compete.

I know most people would think that taking a bunch of people, even children to some birthday party venues a few hundred miles from home would be horrendously expensive compared to taking them down to some local sites but that is not necessarily the case. You are not comparing apples to apples here; you are more like comparing apples with grapefruit. I would have to say that a local birthday party results in the guests have more physical items they get to take home, like party hats, tray mats and crayons. Most local venues also give them a special celebration package which so far I can’t find out what it contains. All this for just under $15 per child/adult participating.


On the other hand, major theme parks only charge about three times what the local does per head. For that money you get your very own party coordinator, who will organise the menu with you before the party, this list can include traditional Carnival food which consists of hotdogs, chicken nuggets, hot chips, fairy floss and ice creams, or you can go for a healthy menu which is mostly sandwiches and fruit, you can ask for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian without any drama or extra costs. And of course, a combination of any or all of the above is always an option. The big bonus of major theme park is you get an unlimited ride that are designed to entertain international tourists, not just a jumping castle or super size play set. The main drawback to major theme parks is they have set days for their parties, usually only Saturdays and Sundays.

On top of what the children are having if you are holding a child’s birthday party at a theme park you can order adult food for all the parents, these range from gourmet cheese platters, anti-pesto platter and even a sushi platter for what amounts to very reasonable costs of about eight dollars per head. There are also hot food and fresh fruit and even a dessert plate available.

The vast major differences between what most people thought of like a party venue, especially for small children, and where party venues are graduated to in the last 15 years is massive. Big theme parks are always a world-class venue with many thrill rides as well as more sedate rides for people who are more cautious and these sites also provide proper cuisine dining facilities, or if you would prefer traditional Carnival food. All over the country, there are many many theme parks that cater to different tastes.


Looking at their information online the costs don’t seem to be that much different no matter which venue you choose for your party or function. Because of the way these theme parks are set up they can cater for a bunch of three-year-olds determined to destroy everything in sight up to a bunch of young adults at a 21st birthday party who were also determined to destroy everything in sight but also have the capabilities, these parks withstand these kind of assaults easily and all of the party guests attend a party they are never likely to forget.

The party organiser can look around and decide whether they just want to have a party full of entertainment that suits the tastes of the partygoers, it can be as thrilling or as terrifying as you want it to be if that is your tastes and the tastes of the guests, just about anything is possible.

Everyone has heard of the older theme parks but to only think of parks like those is a rather narrow viewpoint. If you want you can go to a place like a zoo today and have a party on the grounds where part of the experience will pat adult, fully grown Cheetahs, you can also get up very close and personal with a lot of the other animals without any real risk to life and limb. Don’t worry, the Cheetahs are tame and extremely well fed at all times, they don’t attempt to eat the guests. Now that is thinking outside the square.

How Sporty Women can have Hourglass Body Shape?


shapewear at Bfree Intimate ApparelBooty bras, butt lifters, and removal padding are some of the most desirable items to pick up your butts and give them a rounder, fuller and edgy appearance. If you are feeling that your butts are drooling down then as per your preferences, you can choose any of these butt shapewear, and you are good to go.

Magic of Booty bras and Booty Lifters

Booty bras superbly boast natural butt shape while keeping hips, thighs and tummy compressed and your butts appear enlarged and round. These are comfortable and beautifully define your rear body shape. For an instant lift of your butt, butt lifter is the perfect option to go for. It is sexy yet comfortable.
In addition to these, butt enhancing panties, rear lift shorts, padded booty shapers and padded panties are also available in the market in beautiful designs and comfortable, stretchable fabric. I have found a great range of lingerie and shapewear at Bfree Intimate Apparel according to my body shape. You can also try and choose what matches best to your comfort level and body type.
Then there are jeans and leggings available in the market with sewn pads or butt enhancers. This little extra padding perfectly enhances your rear. Butt shapers will immediately boost up your butt shape, and you can select any of these butt-shapers depending upon your dress and personal preferences.

Tips and Tricks that can Help You Enhance Your Butt Shape Naturally

Sure, being in shape and having a curvy body with fuller butts is every girl’s desire these days. But instead of going through the mess of butt augmentation or artificial implants, why not try something natural, beneficial and easy to do. Following are some of the easiest and straightforward tips and tricks that’ll help you to develop an attractive, gorgeous and sexy posture. I would also recommend you to use proper guide before buying any shapewear.
1. Work with your body. Understand its shape, and change your clothing style. A rightly picked, well-fitted pants can enhance your shape and beautify your buttocks. High waist jeans are the best to show the slimmer portion of your waist. If you go with low-rise jeans that rest on the widest portion of your hips, it will give an illusion of fuller rear.
2. It may sound fruitless, but it’s surely worth a try. Wearing high heels gives a naturally beautiful posture and curve to your spine. Your legs will look more in shape, with toned butts that will surely appear an inch higher.
3. Walk like a runway model. Change in your usual walking style will give your body a different appearance and perfect posture. Move shoulders back, form an arch with your back while imagining walking on a streamline.
4. Before you join a gym, take your good time to choose one.
5. Do some intense cardio exercises. Regular exercise is an answer to many problems. Focus on your butt muscles. Strengthening your glutes will give a rounder and fuller shape to your butts. Some of the beneficial exercises for the strengthening of your butt muscles are squats, lunges, butt bridges and kickbacks.
6. Work on your core muscles too. As thinning your lower belly muscles will enhance your butts. Exercises like leg lifts, twist crunches and bird dog are the best for tightening the core muscles.
7. Eat healthy food, and try to maintain your weight. Depending upon your body type, gaining weight can help you to look curvier. If you are putting on weight on arms or stomach, then it’s not good, but if it’s enhancing your butt, then a little gain of weight must be welcomed.
8. And last but not the least a perfect butt shapewear is the easiest solution to opt.

The Expected Danger Behind the Fat Injections, Butt Lifts and Butt Augmentations

To look more sexually appealing and desirable, the trend of buttock injections or implantation for bigger and fuller bottoms have gained immense popularity. Buttock augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery in recent years. According to the reports published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 14 millions plastic surgeries were performed in the year 2012, and the number has risen steadily since then.

Silicon injections can be harmful to the body. The patient may develop a lumped scar on the body, which can eventually become hard and painful.
Application of these injections from uncertified doctors may give rise to lethal complications. In one filed case against a doctor, a girl’s butt was injected with the toxic mixture of mineral oil, cement and sealant. The patient has to go through intense abdominal pain and harsh and painful soreness on the buttocks.
Due to serious complications of silicon injections, many deaths have been reported in New York, Nevada, Atlanta and Mississippi.